Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homecoming Float Project

I'm a junior in high school and our homecoming was this past week..many of my friends are aware of my graffiti talents and i was asked to work on the homecoming float......and despite having only a piece of plywood to paint on i managed to make it so that it hopefully didn't look completely like the work of a toy....i would like to assure the readers of this blog that this is certainly not my best work but i felt like posting it anyway........thanks -inkysneaks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here Goes Nothing...

So..Rejected Artists Entourage...You're probably wondering what that is...We are a legal graffiti crew started six months ago as a form of creative expression for me and the other members of the crew (currently one other, my best friend Jacob- 'No Other Name')

We strive to give graffiti a fighting chance in the art world, and the only way to get respect from the general public to promote it legally. We paint anything people ask us to. We do private project and commercial projects. For this crew painting is a way of life, a culture.

Rejected Artists Enourage gets its name because of the the rejection of graffiti over the past decades. We hope that as graffiti gains more acceptance we can be a part of it...

The future of this blog contains pictures and videos of projects, the thoughts and oppinions of myself, and hopefully advancing the acceptance of graffiti as art.

-Thanks for reading and please become a follower of RAE